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Those Crazy Brits - Bath In Your Best Clothes (1966)

New Portable Bath, Military (1914-1918)

The Perfect Home Exhbition in 1949 Featuring a Live Foam Bath!

The London Mayfair - Bath Boutique (1968)

Betsy’s Bath, a Baby Elephant in 1938

A Bath with a View! Suspended from a hot air balloon in a bath, USA, 1931. 

1937, Belles Baths And Beaches

Cliftonville to Miami!

A 1957 Shop Window Bubble Bath!

British Pathé

Liquid Water on Mars is a Possibility

Researchers at the University of Michigan have replicated conditions at Mars’ north pole — and confirmed liquid water could exist there, Mikah Sargent reports.


The Hidden Life in Pond Water

This video by Daniel Stoupin takes us into a pond full of life, on a microscopic scale.